Renewing Driving License in Nepal

Driving license in Nepal has got a lifespan of 5 years only. Your driving license expires after 5 years since the day you got it. Driving licenses should be renewed just before or after its expiration date. You will
be charged with certain amount as fine if you are late to renew your license. It is illegal to operate any type of vehicle with an expired license in Nepal. If found guilty by traffic police officer then, you need to be ready to face some legal actions.

Here are the few steps you can follow for getting your driving license renewal:

Renewing Driving License Process in Nepal

Visit DOTM Office

You need to visit the Department of Transportation Management (DOTM) office in order to renew your driving license. You need to have your original driving license with its photocopy and your citizenship card along with its photocopy before arriving at the DOTM office.

Receive EDL Print

There is token system to manage the queue if people in the office for its services. So you need to take your token first. Then you need to get your EDL print from the specified room in the office. The room number will for any type of work is provide in a board at the office.


Then you need to verify your biometrics. These includes your photo/picture, digital thumb print and digital signature. The officers will check your biometrics with the past record taken during the time when you applied for the driving license for the first time.

Medical Test

After your biometrics is done, you need to give some medical tests. Your color blindness and eyesight will be checked during the test. If you fail the test then you need to come later with an authorized doctor recommendation letter.

License Renewal Fees

After all these is completed, then you need to pay some amount in the renewal section of the office. The amount of renewing your driving license ranges from Rs.1500 to Rs.3000 depending upon the category of your license. You can get the information on the actual amount for you to pay in the DOTM office itself. You may be charged with certain amount as fine if you are late to renew your driving license. If you are late for more than 5 years to renew your license then, your license won’t be renewed. Therefore, your license will be cancelled if not renewed for 5 years of expiry date.

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  1. I want to renew my lisence at kathmandu valley but how?? I goat my lisence before 5 years’ ago from banke district nepaljung

    1. visit any dotm office and ask for ‘the solution to your problem to the concerned authorities or you can visit the dotm office from where you got your license.

  2. For DOTM (Chabahil)
    1. Room no. 4 for form
    2. Room no. 8 for medical report (eye visibility check, colour blindness and blood report)
    3. Room no. 3 for thumb print and documents verification
    4. Lastly to Room no. 7 for payment Rs. 1500 for bike and laminate pink receipt.
    Note: You don’t need photocopy of citizenship and driving license, just bring the original cards.

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