How to Check License Print Status in Nepal?

After you have passed your trial exam, surely you have been driving or riding with the receipt or a temporary license. You have to wait 10 months to a year to get your permanent license/smart card. Meanwhile, you can check your license print status with the following steps:

  • Go to official site Transport Department, DOTM(Department of Transportation Management) and click of License print check, you will be redirected to a page where you need to provide your name and license number. They will show you the license status.
  • You can also get your license print status, by sending SMS to 31003. Type ” LC<Space>LC Number”. You get the reply with the information about your license. Though, this method will cost you Rs 5 plus taxes for the message.

When your driving license is ready, you will get a SMS message from the DOTM(Department of Transportation Management) office with your license update. Then, you will have to visit the same office where you first submitted the application for your driving license, after 15 days of receiving the message from the office.

SMS from DOTM on update of driving license

You have to take your receipt or your temporary license you have been using as your license to the office while going to take your driving license. there are no any charges to receive your new license.

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