Frequently Asked Questions

What should be done to correct the driver’s license records?

If any records or details of the driver’s license are missing or need to be added or there is a mistake, the concerned person must submit an application in the prescribed format along with the confirmation of such correction to the relevant office that issues the driver’s license. The concerned office can add or correct the record after looking at the application received.

What should be the qualification of the person applying to get the driver’s license?

According to the Vehicle and Transport Management Act, 2049, the person applying for a driver’s license must not have the following disqualifications:

  • A person under 21 years of age for a large vehicle.
  • For medium and small vehicles below 18 years.
  • In case of motorcycles and other small 2-wheeled vehicles, under 16 years of age.
  • A person who is suffering from epilepsy or who is stunted or who has a sudden onset of shriveling or shriveling.
  • A person whose eyesight is weak and cannot see normally even when using glasses.
  • A person who is deaf to the point of not being able to hear simple sound signals, sounds.
  • People who cannot distinguish red, green, yellow etc. immediately (Colour Blind), visually impaired person.
  • A person who is blind.
  • A person who is unable to work due to weakness of arms and legs. However, the restriction of this section will not apply to vehicles specially designed for the disabled.
  • Any person who has completed 60 years of age for large and medium public vehicles.
  • Driver’s license will not be given to drive medium and large vehicles until 2 years of driving a small vehicle.
  • Not knowing how to read basic writing in Nepali language.

What can be done if the driver’s license is lost?

If you somehow lose your driver’s license:

  • With the photocopy of driver’s license and citizenship, the concerned person should personally contact the computer section of the traffic management office or the driver’s license record branch.
  • An application from the relevant traffic police office that the driver’s license has been lost.

When should the driver’s license should be renewed and how much will the fee and penalty cost?

Currently, if the license is not renewed within 90 days from the date of expiry, 100% for one year, 200% for two years, 300% for three years, 400% for four years and 500% for five years, such driver’s license will be renewed with additional fines and fees. Such renewal shall be valid for five years.
A driver’s license that has not been renewed for five years will automatically be canceled and such license will not be renewed.
Renewal of driver’s license will cost Rs 3000/- for large vehicles, Rs 2500/- for medium vehicles, Rs 2000/- for small vehicles except motorcycles and scooters and Rs 1500/- for motorcycles and scooters. If you have a driving license, only the vehicle with the highest fee will be charged.

What should be done to get a copy of driver’s license? In what cases it be taken and how much will it cost?

If the driver’s license is lost, torn, falsified, incomprehensible or destroyed for any reason, the driver must submit an application to the authorized officer at the relevant traffic management office in the prescribed format along with the following documents.
Driver’s license copy fee will be Rs 500/- (for large vehicles, medium vehicles, small vehicles except motorcycles, scooters and all including motorcycles, scooters).

What should be done to add additional vehicles in the driver’s license? How much does it cost?

If the driver wants to include any other vehicle in addition to the vehicle mentioned in the received driver’s license, the driver must fill out the type of vehicle he/she wants to include in the online form and apply to the relevant transport management office on the specified date.
If the documents attached with the received application are submitted and accepted, the practical test of such applicants will be conducted usually within 1 week at the most. People who have previously obtained a driver’s license do not need to re-take the written test to obtain a license for additional vehicles. Those applicants who want to get a license will be tested at the place, time and date specified by the vehicle examination committee with an interview. If the examinee is unable to drive a vehicle at the experimental test site, the test will be conducted using the experimental method. This activity is observed by the relevant traffic management office and the transport management department through CCTV and a transparent examination system is adopted.
500/- for inclusion of other vehicles in driver’s license.

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