Traffic Sign

Mandatory -Order and Regulation Sign

Prohibition to stop
Prohibition of parking
Denied entry
Prohibition to turn right
Prohibition to turn left
No U-turns
Maximum speed
Vehicle Width Limt
Exceeding Prohibition
Horn prohibited
Stop and go
Speed limit ends
Just go straight
Go forward and turn left
Go from side to side
A small round circle
Vehicle load limit
Left turn
left chap
One way ride
Stop and go
Let those coming on the main road or roundabout go first
Truck prohibition
Vehicle length limit
Ride height limit
Axle load limit
Prohibition of pedestrians
Bale Cart Prohibition
Speed limit ends
Go (temporary sign)

Dangerous and Warning Signs

T junction
The two-way road ahead is straight
A two-way street ahead
Right turn
Right full turn
Narrow bridge
Higher up
Dangerous underpass
Narrow road from both sides
Narrow path from the right
Double turn first left
Y Junction
Vehicle may come from the left
Vehicle may come from the right
Circular motion
Front height limit
Four-way road forward
Four-way road after road
More downhill
Deals at low altitude
Raised road
Pedestrian crossing
Right road
One after another two way
End dual paths
Traffic sign
Wild animal
Pedestrians on the road ahead
River bank
Train without gate
Aggregate can be thrown away
Work on the road
Check Post
A sharp turn to the left
Sharp turn (temporary path)
T Junction (Right Left Turn)

Information Signs

Parking lot
A one way street
Work shop
Primary care camp
Place to climb
End of the road
Pedestrian path
Petrol pump
Just a place to stay
Refreshment place
Pedestrian and bicycle paths
Pedestrian path
Bicycle path
Bus stop
Ban Bhoj area
Zebra cross
Keep only if absolutely necessary
Road side lines
Lines between roads
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