What is the process of getting Driving License in Nepal?

Obtaining a driving license is important for who wish to drive any sorts of vehicle in Nepal. The process involves a series of exams, trials and evaluation process to ensure that drivers have the necessary knowledge and skills to drive a vehicle safely. Here we will discuss the whole process of driving license exam, trial and result in Nepal.

Firstly, you need to apply for a driving license through the online registration in the official transportation site of Nepal. After completion of the registration, you will get a pdf of an application form with your bio data and the given date to visit the DOTM office. You will give your biometrics and go through medical test, pay of written test and trial exam on the date of visit to the DOTM office.

Required Documents

  • Print out of the application form
  • Photocopy of the citizenship card
  • Blood group card(optional)
  • Medical test fees Rs.105
  • Written test fees Rs. 500


Biometrics is the first step towards getting your new license. You need to submit the application form with a Rs.10 ticket on the form. The officers in the biometric section will ask for your fingerprint of both your thumbs along with your digital signature. they will also take your picture for your license. Then, your data is entered in the government system. After the completion of all the process the officer will return your application form with their signature as approval.

Medical Test

After biometrics, you need to go for the medical test. You have to submit he form again to the officer in the medical section. Your eye sight and colorblindness is examined in this test. If you do not have your blood group card, the you have to test your blood group there which will take only about 5-10 minutes. You will have to pay Rs.50 for the blood group test and Rs. 55 for the eye test. After you passed your test, the officer will approve you in the system and return your application form.

Written test

Only the applicants who have passed the medical exam and cleared the fee are eligible for the exam. You have to submit the approved application form in the payments section, where you have to pay Rs. 500 for the written test. Then you will be given a receipt and a admit card with all your details and your medical test result. You have to give your written exam the next day usually. You need your citizenship card, admit card and the receipt to give the written exam.

Receipt for Written and trial exam

The written test evaluates the general knowledge of the applicant of the vehicle they are applying for and the basic traffic rules. There are 20 questions with 5 marks each. You need to get at least 80 marks to pass the exam. The time, date and the exam venue will be informed on the visit date. The official Facebook page of the DOTM office will publish the result by the evening. Make sure you look for the official page of your particular office.

Admit Card

Trial Exam

The trial exam is the main and final step of getting a driving license in Nepal. You are eligible for the trial exam only if you have passed the written exam. You need your citizenship card along with the same admit card and receipt you had on the written exam.

 Two Wheelers

For two wheelers, you need to go through a 8 shaped path and then a narrow path followed by a sharp turn, either left or right turn. You need to turn your indicator during the turning. After the turning, there is a zebra crossing with a traffic light. When the light is red and yellow, you need to stop you vehicle without touching the zebra crossing. You can continue riding the vehicle if the light is green. Then there is a speed breaker test. Your body should not bump off the vehicle very high or turn off during the test. Then there will be an uphill and downhill test. You need to stop your vehicle, within the given marked area in both the up and down hill slopes. The vehicle should not turn off during the test without any external disturbances.

Four Wheelers

The process for a four wheelers license is similar to the two wheelers one. There is no narrow path after the 8 shaped path. You will go through zebra crossing and traffic light after the 8 shaped path. After that you will have speed breaker test. Then there is the turning test followed by the uphill and downhill test. There will be a u turn test followed by the turning back your vehicle in L shape. Then park your vehicle properly to become a four wheel license holder. After completing all these tests and paring properly, you are now a two wheelers license holder.

Temporary License
Temporary License

After you have passed your trial exam, you have to visit the DOTM office 10 days after you passed the trial exam. You will have to pay Rs.1500 for category A and rs.400 for category B license. Payment receipt with your license number will act as a temporary license until you get a permanent license. Some offices will give 1 year temporary license too. You may lose your license and have to go through the whole process again, in case of breaking any big level of traffic rules for 5 times or being in a fatal accident during the time period. Often pass the 1 year time of temporary license, you will be handed a permanent license. Your permanent license will expire in 5 years of being issued.

Permanent License/Smart Card


It is crucial to study the traffic rules, regulations, and road signs thoroughly, as well as practice your driving skills under the guidance of qualified instructors. Taking the process seriously and demonstrating responsible driving behaviors will increase your chances of passing the exams and obtaining a driving license. Acquiring a driving license is not only a legal requirement but also a commitment to road safety and responsible driving practices. You can practice your written exam online on our website too.

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