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Which colour isn’t used in zebra crossing line?

(A) Yellow (B) Black (C) White (D) None of the above

What does the continuous white line painted in the middle of the road indicate?

(A) The line cannot be crossed (B) The line can be crossed (C) Both a & b (D) None of the above
The line cannot be crossed

How many types of colour are there in traffic light?

(A) 2 types (B) 3 types (C) 4 types (D) 5 types
3 types

To whom is the signal given by the traffic police?

(A) Vehicle drivers (B) Padestrians (C) Pedestrians and vehicle drivers (D) None of them
Pedestrians and vehicle drivers

Among the colours given belew, which isn`t traffic light colour?

(A) Yellow (B) Red (C) Green (D) Black

What does automatic traffic signal mean?

(A) The signal kept at the side of road (B) Electric light kept at the road (C) Signal given by the traffic police (D) Non of them
Electric light kept at the road

Whose duty is it to follow the traffic signs?

(A) Vehicle driver (B) Pedestrian (C) Large vehicle (D) All of the above
All of the above

What does traffic signal mean?

(A) The signal given by vehicle driver (B) The signal given by police (C) The signal to maintain the rules of road (D) All of the above
The signal to maintain the rules of road

How many types of international traffic sign are there?

(A) Two types (B) Three types (C) Four types (D) No Clearity
Three types

In which part of road is the divider line drawn?

(A) On right side (B) On left side (C) On the middle of road (D) Wherever it is painted
On the middle of road

What colour board is there on highway to signal direction

(A) Green (B) Red (C) Yellow (D) Black

What is the another name for lane line and zebra crossing?

(A) Road marking (B) Traffic marking (C) Hotspot (D) All the above
Road marking

What is the shape of restricticve/prohibitive traffic sign?

(A) Circular (B) Triangular (C) Square (D) Rectangular

Why are traffic lights kept at crossroad?

(A) So that driver could see it at night (B) To control traffic (C) To turn the vehicle (D) To help vehicle park
To control traffic

Among the given options, which doesn’t control traffic on the road?

(A) Traffic police (B) Department of Transport Management (C) Road line (D) Traffic signal
Department of Transport Management
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